Thursday, March 21, 2013

Following Planck's results today

For the people (new and old) who follow this blog and are interested in the Planck satellite's results, which are being announced today, here is a run-down of important things to know:

  • Richard Easther will be live-blogging the data release at this location. If you can't watch the release yourself you should follow Richard's post.
  • The first ESA event is a general-audience press conference, very soon, at 10:00 CET, which you can watch here.
  • The second ESA event is a press conference aimed at scientists and science journalists, which will stream at the same location, i.e. here. You should watch that even if you aren't a scientist because it will be when all the interesting bits are revealed. If you're confused, you can follow Richard's live-blogging and/or ask questions of scientists on Twitter with the hashtag #askplanck.
  • The release of the scientific papers is scheduled for 12:00 CET at the ESA website (I'm not sure of the precise url, maybe here?).

Although I won't be live-blogging the results, I will write a post later today summarising what we've learned and discussing the fall-out arising from all the new information.

Enjoy the day!

Edit: The papers will appear here at 12:00 CET:

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  1. Thanks for the list of links. ESA have done an awful job of publicizing this, and their website is an absolute mess.

    If you Google for "Planck cosmology results", the top news result is actually about a NASA press conference!