Sunday, June 14, 2020

Cosmology Talks

On the off chance that anybody is still checking out this blog, and doesn't already know, I've made a YouTube channel with talks in it about cosmology.

Unfortunately, the channel is aimed at a technical audience, whereas this blog was aimed at the general public. So it might not be what everyone reading this is looking for. ūü§∑

Anyway, if you're a current (or ex) cosmologist, or want to put in a lot of background work to understand the concepts, you might want to check out the channel (and subscribe to it too!).

The video below is the latest at the channel. It's on Fast Radio Bursts and how they can be used for cosmology (the expert in the video is Amanda Weltman, a professor at the University of Cape Town). The content is really good and cosmologists should definitely check it out, although be warned the video quality before the slides are brought out isn't great due to internet bandwidth issues.

Feel free to ask any questions here or there.