The Trenches of Discovery is a blog collectively authored by artists and scientists working actively in diverse fields of fundamental research: cosmology, biochemistry, aesthetics.

Our aim is to create a platform for this research to be shared and discussed: both between disciplines, and across them, to a wider community.

We hope this blog will spark an interest and a greater sense of involvement in what is often very specialized work. We want to create a mode of access to the truly astonishing discoveries occurring daily and in plain sight, yet strangely hidden, at universities, laboratories, museums, technical institutes, and so many other publicly-funded institutions of creativity and research.

Not least, we hope to broaden our own knowledge by conducting this discussion—across deep differences in specialization and training—online and in public. We're after the kinds of insights that can only be ignited by real, frictional collaboration: through conversation, disagreement, and an active sense of wonder.

Here is our post introducing the blog.

More specific questions? ---

Who are you, what is this place? 

We are artists and scientists, talking about art, science and the humanities.

What's the point of the blog? 

To share our research. And to discuss the connections and debate the antagonisms between art, science and the humanities. Also see all of these posts where we've touched on our motivation.

Why should I read it?

Art and science are interesting things. Those of us contributing are all passionately immersed in the actual day to day process of the production of art and science. There is no place in the internet with a more raw, unfiltered view of these things.

Also, we're not aware of many situations where people from different, highly specialised research fields have chosen to have a public discussion of each other's work. If you've ever wondered what a life scientist thinks about art, or a natural scientist thinks about life science, or any other combination of the above, you'll hopefully find out here.

What will be in it? 

There will be at least one new post every second Monday. You can find these posts here. There will also be intermittent guest posts on the Mondays in between. This is what we have committed to as a minimum, though we hope to write on other days too, spontaneously and without a schedule. We are collating our most substantial posts at the "Navigation" page.

I think the idea behind this blog is very important, how can I help?

Easy. Join in discussions, tell us about your field and ask us what you want to know about ours. If you have anything (anything at all) that you really want to express, then write a guest post for us. Just email us to let us know you're interested and we'll give you a slot. And if you like the idea and the blog, then tell people about us. The greater the audience, the more varied our reach.

I need more details!

That's not a question. Um, read these introduction posts for a few more details. If you need even more details just ask us directly in the comments below.


  1. Congratulations on earning your way onto the list of "Technorati Top 100 Science Blogs"

    Long live Trenches of Discovery!


    1. Heh, cool - well spotted. Our position at Technorati fluctuates a lot, I wouldn't be surprised if we fell out of the top 100 next week. Having said that it seems we're on page two right now (ranked 20th). The highest I've seen before was page three.


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