Monday, June 11, 2012

3 Quarks Daily's science writing prize. (Vote for us)

I nominated my favourite of James' posts (The War of the Immune Worlds) for the science writing prize at 3 Quarks Daily. If you want to support the blog, it would be great if you would go and vote for it!

To vote, click this link, scroll down to "The Trenches of Discovery" and click away! 

If you're super cool, you'll also try to convince your friends and family to vote for James' post. This first round will basically be a popularity contest. There are 100 odd entries and nobody is going to read them all. The top 20 in this round go through to the next round where the 3 Quarks Daily editors actually read and vote on every entry. So, by helping James' post get to this next round you help us to compete against the bigger, more established blogs who've been around much longer than us.

In any case, it is actually a really cool post, so, while you'll clearly be doing us a favour by sharing this post with others, you'll also be doing a favour to anyone who ends up reading it too. In that vein, if you haven't read the post yet yourself, go check it out, it's really cool.

Voting closes June 15 so vote now!

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